Move Large Evernote and Address Book Thumbnail Files Filling OSX System Drive

I’ve been running a new laptop with a fresh install of OSX 10.9 for a few months now. As with past machines, when I received it, the first thing I did was repartition the hard drive (a 512GB SSD) to a system (OSX) and data (DATA) drive.

OSX is where the OS and program files reside.
DATA is where I moved my personal profile, and keep data.

In the past, I have had no issues keeping OSX on a 30G partition. This time, I upped it to 40G thinking I would have extra space for programs if needed. Well wouldn’t you know it… I started running out of space on OSX after only a few months of use and 10 or so smaller program installs.

By using a little jem utility called Disk Inventory X, I was able to track down the culprits… namely two address book related folders. One is a thumbnail cache for evernote, and the other some sort of cache for apple address book.

What I did for a fix:

  1. Close address book and Evernote
  2. Copy each folder over to my DATA drive
  3. Delete the originals
  4. Create alias’ of each folder in question that has been copied to the DATA drive
  5. Move alias’ back to the original location
  6. Restart address book and Evernote, everything should work as normal.

    If you have issues with Evernote not logging in or anything similar, make sure you copied and made an alias for the subfolder and NOT the next level up com.evernote.Evernote...; I’m not sure why, but I tried the top level folder first, and it gave me issues.

Disk Inventory X showing my system disk before performing the above fix: